ANTNA 20 has been designed to measure wind speed and outside air temperature. High wind shield factors cool down buildings faster and with wind measurement the heating system can be compensated to take the cooling effect into account.


Linear output signal is calculated based on the cooling effect caused by the wind to the temperature measurement elements.


ANTNA 20 can be configured to operate with 010 Vdc or 420 mA output options.

Using RY 1-U relay module the voltage signal can be converted to a voltfree 230 Vac rated contact.

Installation instructions:

Sensor is mounted on a wall with the measurement element downwards.


The sensor should be mounted on a wall where the wind speed is most prevalent. The wall should continue on both sides of the sensor for a minimum of 3 meters to provide accurate measurement. The sensor should also be more than 1 m below the roof edge.

Technical data :

Supply                                24 Vac/dc (22-28Vac/dc), <1,5


Measurement ranges         wind speed 0...20 m/s

                                           temperature -5050 C

                                           Outputs 0...10 V, < 2mA

                                           4...20 mA, < 600 ohm

Deviation, wind speed      < 20 % of the measurement,

                                          (at 25 C)

Deviation, temperature    < 0,5 C (at 25 C, > 0,2 m/s)

Operating temperature    -50...50 C

Time constant                    8s ( 63%)

Mounting                           Wall mounting with screws

Protection class                 IP 54 (transmitter)

Materials:                          PBT, PC, PA plastics and

                                          painted steel

Wiring terminals:

1   supply 24 Vac/dc

2   0 V

3   output 0...10 V / 4..20mA = 0...20 m/s

4   output 0...10 V / 4..20mA = -50...50 C